Press Reviews and Feedback On 2xHD Tape Recordings

Rene Laflamme Best of Show Munich 2019 High Fidelity Magazine
High Fidelity Magazine

The sound of a system based on 2xHD tapes and Nagra electrongics was outstanding!

High Fidelity Magazine

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Audiophile Analog Collection, Vol. 2 10-21-2020

Fabulous new release from René Laflamme and 2xHD Fusion. Track 3 with the 16 Hz organ note will flatten your walls. Not going to find anything large scale here but the other tracks exude timbral accuracy, spatiality and ease of presentation. This 2xHD Fusion release just further reinforces the greatness of analog recording and in particular the tape medium.

Myles B. Astor,

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Audiophile Analog Collection, Vol. 2

This album is stunning to say the least. A reference level stuff! Do not miss this release when it's up for grabs. It really shows what a high-end system is capable or lack of!

Mono&Stereo Magazine

Audiophile Analog Collection, Vol. 2 - Awesome sounding tape indeed.

As a pro friend who had listened to the most numbers of master tapes while lacquer cutting and making tape dubs working for an audiophile label had said, "the best tape he had ever handled." Even with my limited experience in playing tapes, it's got to be one of the best or close to it sonically.

Ki Choi

Rocky Mountain International HiFi Press Awards nominations for best audiophile analogue recording for the tape of 2xHD Shirley Horn, Softly.

Your tapes sound fantastic. I bought tapes from more than 10 suppliers and 2xHD are the best.

Dominick, Belgium November 2020

I am impressed with the quality of sound, it's really amazing. I bought half of your tapes and will also order the rest, but I was wondering if you have more?

Belgium customer